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We often find out that we are attacked by pests and rodents every time at our homes and they actually end up eat the soil and also the healthy atmosphere of our homes and make it entirely polluted.So here is a list of few pests and ideas about how to control them:

Tomato Horn worm

This is the scariest insect that you will ever find in your backyard and it can grow up to 5” of size. They are not very harmful to people but they harm the tomato plants by getting deep into the deep feeders and they also eat up the beautiful flowers. The moths lay down their off sprinf to the leaves of the tomato plant and this way they go on multiplying again and again and start growing rapidly. This way they make way into the earth and become adult moths.

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How can you control them? Root-tilling in the spring season is used to treat the worms and help your tomato plants to grow perfectly. The best method to treat them at once is by knowing the issue and look for them at the time of sunset when they are considered to be in action. They are tough to get treated because of their unusual color and picking them up needs a trick.

Parsley Worm

Parsley is among the most attractive plants that attract the entry of butterflies in the garden and this are the reason people are growing parsley in their garden. Butterflies for the parsley worm are very beautiful. If you have parsley in your backyard, you must keep an eye and observe the signs of the butterfly and spread but so as to put off caterpillars in doing serious damage to the plant.

How can you control them? You can watch the worms cautiously all through the season of their active growth and when you see them growing even a bit; you must start searching for their eggs. If you find them, you need to destroy them. If you pick off caterpillars, you can keep them under control, and you can save it from harm all through the season of their growth.

Slugs & Snails

They should not be considered just another bug but they are some different kinds of terrible creatures that can be found in your garden. They eat leaf and shoot of plants and they are fond of basil and leafy vegetables.

How to control them? The most usual and common damage that you will find is the slug baits in the center of your garden. If you follow the instructions carefully as how to treat them properly and spread Metaldehyde, snails will eat it and die.